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Recommended Procedures for Clinic Defense & Patient/Escort Assistance
(Assuming there ARE Protestors)

*Patient Entering:
1) A friendly "hello" is appreciated, but it is inappropriate to be bubbly or enthusiastic.
2) Patient's carrying anything larger than a wallet should be advised to put it back in their car. (Otherwise could be a potential security risk, and will not be allowed inside the clinic.)
3) Any anti-choice literature that is accepted by the entering patient, may Not be brought into the clinic. (It is usually offensive to the other patients.) Collect it from anyone entering, and they may have it back when they leave.
4) It is inappropriate to bring or have food at the clinic, with the exception of a mint or so. (Also, patient's are usually not allowed to eat.)
5) When possible, greet the patient in the parking lot and walk with her to a secure entrance.
*Patient Leaving:
1) Consider it your job to walk WITH the patient to her car, especially if she parked in an unsecure area, unless she specifically says no. Your job is to assist the patient with her needs.
2) While walking with the patient and driver, advise them to lock all car doors, close windows, turn on the radio, and do Not stop to talk with or accept literature from the anti's. (This suggestion will also help distract the patient from hearing the emotional language and imprecated prayers by the protestors.)
*The First Defenders Should Always:
1) In the beginning, First thing, take a walk around the clinic building and be on the lookout for any suspicious packages. If you notice one do NOT touch it, but rather contact clinic personnel immediately.
2) During your walk, look for the closest outside water faucet and a nearby hose and sprinkler. (Consider bringing one with you or asking the clinic to provide one. - Sometimes the protesters can be a little too close or obnoxious, and the landscape can always use watering.... but also be aware of any local water restrictions, and obey the law!.)
3) Arrange for, or bring with you, a portable radio or boom box, just in case the anti's are loud. (Be sure to loudly play a modern type of music that would likely annoy the protesters. Also - patients are usually young, and prefer the modern music.) The clinic should provide this.
*All Defenders Should:
1) Try to distract the protestors away from the patients. (Realize that by talking with the anti's, you will not convince them to change their beliefs, but you can gather information and keep them from terrorizing the women patients.)
2) If you are certain of the car that the anti-choice protester arrived in, write down the license plate number along with a description of the protester, car, and other pertinent information, and give a copy to clinic security.
3) Bring a camera and use it on occasion. Close-up pictures are particularly helpful to identify protestors. Remember - these anti's have a similar philosophy to those criminals who shoot doctors, bomb clinics, and otherwise terrorize women... do not trust them, and do not expect to change their minds. Be alert, and listen for their names and other useful information.
4) Try to stay at least 3 feet away from the anti's. Do not push, touch, or physically threaten them. Sarcasm, intelligence & mocking works.
*Signs: (Signs should not be taped to the clinic building without permission. They should stand on their own, or be held.)
1) Bring "Keep Abortion Legal" rounds and USE them ! They are effective signage, and also help to deflect the voices of the anti's.
2) Bring NOW Rounds.
3) Other Sign Suggestions:
a) There's Nothing Christian About Terrorizing Women !
b) Real Christians Don't Bomb Clinics !
c) Real Christians Don't Shoot Doctors !
d) GOD - Please Save Me From Your Followers !
e) Mind Your OWN Business !
f) Why Must "Christians" Terrorize Women ?
g) Religious Fanatics ---->
h) "Religious" Bigots Threaten Civil Rights !
i) America Must Not Become A Theocracy !
j) No One Is Safe From Religious Terrorism
k) Is Terrorism = "Christian Charity" ?
l) Tax The Churches - Fund Healthcare !
m) Stop Terrorism - Not Healthcare !
n) Abortion Rights: No Restrictions! No Apology !

o) STAY AWAY! Your religion is hazardous to my health!