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ACLU of Florida - The Florida Report

From the Desk of Howard Simon...


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July 1, 2009


We are excited to announce the first edition of The Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida, an all-inclusive resource for pregnant teens. The guide details the legal rights of pregnant teenagers in Florida.


Topics in the guide range from information about reproductive options to school attendance, housing, and relationship issues, with an emphasis on information about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and parenting. We invite you to access the guide online.


ACLU legal guide for TEENS


The Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida is the work of many volunteer lawyers and other professionals concerned about the health and well-being of Florida's teenagers. A collaborative group of attorneys and others, headed by corporate attorney Bonnie Davis, worked closely with representatives of the Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition, Planned Parenthood, and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Florida to collect and assemble the research for the guide.


The ACLU Foundation of Florida was able to publish this guide thanks to generous grants provided by the Florida Bar Foundation and the Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation. Teens and parents may access the guide online, or at their local Florida Network for Youth and Family Services, Healthy Start Coalitions, and Planned Parenthood offices.


Central Florida Women's Emergency Fund
PO Box 536522
Orlando, FL 32853

Pledge-A-Picket-Program *

Each week in communities across America, Anti-Choice pickets often harass and terrorize the patients and their friends who enter and leave the local women's health clinics.

You've seen these religious political extremists ... the vulgar ones yelling obscenities at the women... their loud comments about "baby-killing," and their satanic curses about "burning in hell."

These are the Neo-Christian Religious Reich at work; they call themselves "Pro-Life," but they are also the ones who "with love in their hearts," shoot doctors, bomb clinics, and cruely curse the patients when they leave.

Through this program, you can support the women in need of abortions, and at the same time reduce the number of Anti-Choice protestors:
* For if the protestors come to the clinic, they will actually be helping to fund abortions.

Example: On one day there were 27 Anti-Choice pickets at the Orlando Women's Health Clinic. Those in the Orlando Area program would be billed for 27x $0.25=$6.75. And on another day there were 14 pickets, and so then they would be billed 14x $0.25=$3.50. Bills are mailed monthly. You may limit your monthly contribution, cancel at anytime, or make a one-time contribution.

Your contribution will be used to fund abortions for women in need, and to support the work of your local NOW Chapters (National Organization for Women) who facilitate this program, who have representatives at many clinics, and who promote women's equality and education. Your contribution will be split equally - 50% going directly to the pregnant women, and the other 50% split among participating area NOW chapters.

NOW also works to eliminate spouse abuse, job and wage discrimination, rape, sexism, racism, and discrimination due to sexual orientation, age, or disability. NOW calls attention to women's accomplishments in the past and present, monitors the legislatures and Congress regarding women's rights issues, and we will continue to be there in the future.

___ I pledge $_________ per picket/month toward the Pledge-A-Picket program. I may cancel at any time. Please limit my monthly maximum to: $ ________.

___ I support NOW's efforts. Enclosed is a one-time contribution of: $________ .
(ANY size donation appreciated!)

___ I'll join NOW. (Membership: $35./year. Sliding scale for ANY reason to $20.) Payment Enclosed.


The Pregnancy Emergency Fund
NOW Chapters Alliance
14939 Ward Rd
Orlando, FL 32824

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