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Watch for bills to outlaw abortion after 20 weeks

Watch for bills to outlaw permanent Alimony

Watch for right to deny gay adoption and allow guns on campus.


Personhood and other proposed laws


Since the first humanoid walked upright, the female of our species has had to fight for the right of self determination.  That effort being exacerbated by our smaller size.  We were forced to negotiate for our sustenance and protection.  We can only imagine the effort it took to maintain even minimal control over our reproductive organs.  Survival of our species was controlled by the ability to eat, not be eaten and reproduce ourselves.  But after a million years, give or take, ancient women decided they did not want to have a baby every 9 or 10 months and, with extensive experimentation, developed a knowledge of contraceptive and abortifacient plants.  Ancient Egyptians used  pessaries made of honey with a pinch of natron , crocodile dung in sour milk,  sour milk alone or acacia gum. Greeks and Romans valued and collected Silphium.   till it became extinct.  Crushed seeds of Queen Anne's Lace and pennyroyal have been used into the 20th century.


In more modern times, male religious leaders started formulating and interjecting moral considerations into the woman￿s reproductive choices equation by deciding when a fetus must not be terminated.  In 1869 Pope Pius IX outlawed abortion among Catholics and in the 20th century the church added the ban on birth control.  Desperate women terminated their pregnancies by injecting Lysol, using coat hangers and back alley abortionists, some making money for the mob.   In 1957 the FDA approved the pill for menstrual disorders with a warning that it would prevent ovulation.  All of a sudden , a million women got the prescription claiming menstrual disorders.  Massachusetts and Connecticut had laws on their books that made birth control illegal.  In 1965 Connecticut's law was struck down by the Supreme Court citing privacy for married couples.  However,  it remained illegal for unmarried women till the late 60s.  And in 1973, the Supreme Court gave US women the right to legally and safely terminate a pregnancy in the decision Roe v. Wade. 


Done finished, right?????  Wrong!  The government politicians had been learning how to put women back in their caves all along.


In 1965 the Communist dictator Ceauşescu came into power in Romania. One of his goals was to spread communism by increasing the communist population of Romania to 30 million by the year 2000.  Every woman was required by law to have at least 4 children-- a number which was later increased to 5. Families that had less than 3 children were taxed heavily.


Women were examined at their work places to see if they were pregnant and to see that they remained so.


Birth control or abortion was denied until the age of 45.

By choice, for monetary rewards or with no choice, because of poverty, as many as 170,000 babies were turned over to factory orphanages of the state to become future soldiers or secret service police.  With no mental stimulation and sensory deprivation, the children of these baby factories became very mal-adjusted adults. 

To this day, the lack of birth control produces abandoned children.    Foreign adoption was banned in 2001 and so the babies are piling up again.


Russia was the first country to legalize abortion in 1920.  It was outlawed again in 1936 by Stalin to produce babies for the state￿s workers and soldiers and legalized again in 1968.  With a lack of other methods of birth control, abortion is the most reliable control employed for unwanted pregnancies in Russia, and is free.  Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world. Russia is considering manipulating its population with laws making abortion illegal again or offering monetary incentives to women who have children.  They are concerned that the 1.3 billion Chinese may spill into Eastern Russia as that region is woefully under populated.


In China, the licensing of the right to have one child has slowed their population growth dramatically.  Some estimate by 300 million over the 20 years the one child policy has been in force.  Legal abortions, forced sterilizations and birth control have aided in this population manipulation.  In 2007, government officials in a Southwestern province were forcing abortions on women who got pregnant without permission.  This resulted in riots, a rarity in this communist country.


Abortions are illegal in 13 countries of South America, 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 10 countries in Northern Africa and the middle East, 7 countries in the far East, Ireland, Malta and Vatican City in Europe and the Bahamas


So What￿s my point?????


With the right creeps in charge of the government, and the ￿abstinence only uneducation￿, women will be forced to produce babies to be future tax payers for the state, prisoners for private sector jails and customers for the corporations.


The estimated cost of raising a child till 18 in the United States is $222,360.  It would only take a few extra babies for corporations (remember they are people now) to produce the extra profit to buy the votes of legislators to enhance their bottom lines. 


HOW does that work???


The legislators are told that the number of workers needed to support the Social Security recipients, needs to be increased and women must produce more babies or we will run out of money.  What really motivates corporations, is profit from more customers and depressed wages from more competition for jobs.  For these reasons as well, they really don￿t want illegal immigration to stop or stiff laws stopping them from employing these illegals.


Religious leaders want more babies to join their congregations and provide future donations to support them.  They argue that abortion and indeed just birth control is murdering humans.


And all this manipulation ends up falling on women￿s uteruses and women￿s right to their bodies and self determination.


So legislators now, armed with the corporate, governmental and religious spin, start passing laws, usually written by lobbyists bearing the cash needed for the next election cycle.


Women who don￿t see their plan are outnumbered, outspent, unorganized and duped. They are defenseless against this onslaught on their right to self determination.


So, what have these special interests done????


Since 1977, in the US alone, anti-abortion terrorists committed burnings  and bombings of abortion clinics, then graduated to stalking, kidnapping and attempting to murder17 people.  To date they have successfully murdered 10 doctors and staff. 


For years legislators have been passing TRAP laws.  TARGETED REGULATION OF ABORTION PROVIDERS.  These laws single out medical providers that perform abortions.  Many legislatures have passed laws which impose stringent hospital surgical suite equipment requirements (like expensive exhaust systems) on abortion providing out patient facilities while exempting other more invasive providers, such as colonoscopy, lasik, dental and plastic surgery providers.


Why????  Because it is necessary for the safety of women?????  They could care less about women.  They want to make it very expensive to secure an abortion.  (As if harassment and expense has not produced the closing of enough clinics resulting in increased cost already.) This increased cost will eliminate abortion for many poor women and produce babies for the state, corporations, churches etc.  And for the sadistic, it will force some women to push the procedure  later into the pregnancy, when it will be more expensive, dangerous and complicated and provide these sick creeps with a punishment dividend. 


20 states have introduced TRAP laws this year.  South Carolina has had TRAP laws, which survived Constitutional challenge, since 1996 and Arkansas, Utah, Virginia and Kansas added them this year.  South Carolina and Kansas laws also provide for unannounced inspections.


The new Pennsylvania bill has made it through their House of Representatives and requires the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers.  The Pennsylvania Senate bill would increase other requirements, which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and would likely doom the states 20 abortion clinics.  In Virginia, it may close all its 21 clinics.


Legislators in the US have introduced 1000 pieces of anti-choice legislation (18 here in Florida).  Here Several bills have passed such as a mandatory ultrasound, which adds at least $100 to the cost of the abortion procedure and another which prohibits insurance companies from offering abortion coverage even if the woman pays the premium herself.


South Dakota requires women to first visit a crisis pregnancy center to allow them to try to talk the woman out of having the abortion.


In Ohio, their House of Representatives has passed a bill which would criminalize abortions if a heartbeat can be detected (6 ￿ to 7 weeks).  In their Senate it restricts abortion at 20 weeks. 


New Jersey has cut off all family planning funds forcing closure of 6 clinics.


Indiana and 5 other states have cut off any Medicaid funds going to Planned Parenthood Clinics.  Obama has so far refused to block Medicaid funding for the 28 Planned Parenthood Clinics in Indiana.



And then there are the Personhood Bills running through legislatures. North Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and Montana




In Florida the personhood ballot initiative was attempted, but unsecessful in 2009.  Passed into law, it would have set the stage for any fertilized human egg to be endowed with all rights of any born person.  If it is injured in any way, it is assault.  If it is killed or not seated in the womb, it is murder. 

What does this mean?  The woman who takes birth control pills, has an IUD, has an abortion or orders the destruction of excess embryos at a fertility clinic, as well as their doctors, are guilty of murder.  If a woman smokes or drinks, while carrying a fertilized egg, it is assault.  If the parents of a fertilized egg stored at a fertility clinic die, that egg has inheritance rights.

Speaking of nightmare!!!  Even the Catholic Conference was against this proposed bill and refused to allow the petitions to be signed in any Florida parish.

   So now where do we go from here?????   Elections have consequences!!!

The wrong persons getting elected gets the wrong people on the Supreme Court and, as we now know,  Corporations then become people and Roe v Wade gets watered down to irrelevancy and women pay the price.  Especially young women who will be forced to rear more children than they planned.  So these elected, corporate sponsored candidates, who love tea party and Republican platforms are determined to have babies produced, maybe, against your will. You must take seriously investigating the candidates for all offices and sharing that information with your friends, facebook, co-workers and  neighbors.