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14939 Ward Rd.
Orlando, Florida 32824



Toni Van Pelt and Gilda Yazzie were elected President and Vice President of NOW July 1, 2017      


Toni                                        Gilda

Mark Your Calendar

Order your VOTE BY Mail today
4th Annual Cruise Oct. 21 to Nov. 4 SOLD OUT!

                                         NOV. 11  at Florida Hotel, State Council Meeting  lunch provided                                           Our next meeting Dec. 6, 6 pm at Denny's, 440 S Semoran. 




6 PM on Dec. 6 at Denny's, 440 South Semoran, just south of the 408.
We will be discussing the election and the plans for ERA.
We will be asking for suggestions for chapter building. 

                             We will be asking for nominations for our Courageous Feminist Award NEXT year.                                                    If you have an item for our yard sale, please bring it.  Our last sale on August 3,4,5 was quite successful. We had a Silent Auction at our Delightful Granny D Event, where Granny D got a STANDING OVATION and we got $300.


Florida NOW State Council Meeting and June's State Conference

We have taken on November 11 State Council Meeting.  All members, in good standing, are welcome to this Free meeting with a Free lunch.  Details will be emailed, if we have your email. 

We are considering taking on the Florida NOW State Conference next June at the Florida Hotel.  Please let us know if

you are willing to Volunteer.  


We have direction from NOW PAC
Vote yes on Amendment 4 and 9 and 13 and NO on the rest.   Amendment 8 was thrown off the Ballot 




Just in case you want to give him a piece of your mind.......

SEN. RUBIO--202-224-3041


Your vote needs a PAPER TRAIL, now, more than ever!
ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED??  If you were not registered by October 9, you cannot vote in November. Check today to see if you are registered.  October 9th is the deadline for registering for the November general election, but you can register for 2020.  When you call your Supervisor of Elections,  Ask for a "Vote by Mail" ballot also.
Osceola County Supervisor of Elections Page to  check on your registration.  Or call 407-742-6000
Orange County Supervisor of Elections Page to check on your registration.  Or call 407-836-2070
Print out a registration form to mail or turn in for 2020.
And always vote by mail, because we need a PAPER TRAIL 
Osceola County
Orange County



Our Latest Florida NOW Endorsements here and Re-Endorsements to re-Elect are near the bottom of this page.

ANDREW GILLUM and Sen. BILL NELSON  Florida NOW PAC endorsed for Governor and US Sen.



Anna V. Eskamani For Florida House District 47

Johanna López, NOW PAC endorsed,  for Orange County School Board District


US Representative Darren Soto, NOW PAC Endorsed for Congressional District 9


Debra Kaplan,  NOW PAC Endorsed for FL House District 31